08/13/07 — Teamwork: City crews spent long hours getting cleanup accomplished

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Teamwork: City crews spent long hours getting cleanup accomplished

Goldsboro is not back to normal yet, but the mounds of tree limbs that clogged several streets are but a memory in many areas of the city.

And the messes in several other areas are dwindling rapidly, too.

And all of that is because so many city employees and other emergency workers — not to mention Progress Energy employees — did not sit around and wait to respond to the call for help when Friday’s storm hit.

In fact, many of them were out before the storm was even completely past the city and when downed power lines were making it tough to navigate roads.

They had a job to do.

And while residents should be able to expect such performance from their city staff, there is some comfort in knowing that should there be a more serious storm in Wayne County’s future, that we are ready.

No one wants to see a hurricane — or anymore severe weather for that matter. But if we do, it is best that we know city and county workers are ready to greet the challenge and not rusty or unsure how to respond.

They proved this week they are.

And they weren’t the only ones who jumped into action. Local churches stepped up immediately Friday to help some of the families displaced by the storm.

That’s what you do when someone needs help.

So, we will continue to grind up trees, fix misplaced shingles and do repair work as needed. And soon, the storm will be only a memory. Let’s hope this is the only dress rehearsal we get — or need.

Published in Editorials on August 13, 2007 11:22 AM