08/15/07 — Chance to share: United Way’s kickoff was an evening of fun, caring

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Chance to share: United Way’s kickoff was an evening of fun, caring

There were probably a few people who came to the Taste of Wayne County just to get a piece of pizza, some ribs and a slice of cake or sticky bun with a little ice cream on the side.

OK, so maybe there were more than just a few.

But for those who came a little early and stayed a little late, they also got a chance to see what happens when a community gets together and thinks of those around them who need their help.

The Taste of Wayne County is the community kickoff for the organization’s annual fundraising campaign. The idea is to get everyone together to have a good time, while reminding them of the importance of taking part in the United Way’s campaign to improve lives.

This year, volunteers and United Way staff are hoping to raise $1.46 million to improve more than 29,900 lives in Wayne County.

And all it takes is the commitment of Wayne County residents.

Tuesday was full of fun and spirit, kicked off by this year’s United Way Campaign Chairman Jimmie Ford who led a rousing cheer and challenged his neighbors to dig deep to help others.

And then, as the Taste officially opened, those in attendance got to see firsthand what happens when someone takes the time to care.

The man who sang “Amazing Grace” to open the event is one of those people who have been helped by the money that is donated each year to the United Way. Without the help of some of the agencies the United Way sponsors, Joey Edwards would not have a new life, a new love and a new purpose.

Now, he wants to return the favor, by helping others get back on their feet.

See what a few ribs, a little heart and a check on a donation box can accomplish?

You will be hearing much more about the United Way campaign over the next few months. As you do, please take the time to think about what saving a family, helping someone less fortunate or changing someone’s future is worth to you. You just might find that there are a few extra dollars in your budget to make a difference.

The Taste of Wayne was a good start — and those who gave so much time to making it happen should be commended. What a success — and fun, too.

Now, the rest is really up to us.

We already know what we can accomplish if we just join hands. Let’s make that goal a reality.

Published in Editorials on August 15, 2007 11:54 AM