09/06/07 — Candidate clutter: It’s getting harder to figure out who stands for what

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Candidate clutter: It’s getting harder to figure out who stands for what

As if there weren’t already enough people logged in to do battle for the Republican and Democratic nominations for president of the United States, this week, another late entry declared his intent to run.

Now, you can add Republican hopeful Fred Thompson to the list of those who want a chance at the office.

And while lots of voices are good and make for interesting campaigns, there is a problem brewing that could make deciding whom to pick more than a little difficult.

No one really can seem to tell what any of these men and one woman really stand for.

Oh, there is lots of talk — usually predicated on whatever the topic of the day is from Iraq and immigration to spending and taxes. It sounds good — political speak and all. But when it comes down to actual plans for the future and real ideas — almost all of them fall short. No real suggestions. No real positions and a platform that shifts in the wind.

So, what is an information-overloaded voter to do?

Sometimes the combatants give us a hand by critiquing their opponents on a variety of issues and stances. But in the end, it is easier to remember their names and faces — and there are a lot of them — than it is to tell anyone why he or she should cast his or her vote in their favor.

The next few months will be full of more talk and more rhetoric. And at some point, hopefully, there will be some standouts ready to talk business.

Until then, we might just have to put up with the buzz and watch for something on which to hang a vote.

Published in Editorials on September 6, 2007 11:03 AM