09/17/07 — O.J.Take 2: Simpson should get jail time simply for arrogance

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O.J.Take 2: Simpson should get jail time simply for arrogance

If you took the time to comment on every stupid thing that was done or said in Hollywood, it would take a constant 24-hour blog on the Internet.

There just simply isn’t room here.

So, comments on disgraced football legend O.J. Simpson and his latest brush with the law will have to be limited to a few paragraphs. Tune into late night comedy for a more in-depth.

The reason that Simpson should be heading to jail — in addition to the fact that he has been connected to an armed robbery at a Las Vegas casino — is that he is arrogant and stupid.

After squeaking through prosecution in a double murder that probably should not have ended in the verdict it did, you would think Simpson would be content to lay low and enjoy his freedom.


First he writes a book on how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend — if he were guilty. How is that for misguided innocence? And don’t forget, he still owes money for civil penalties imposed when he lost the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Ron Goldman’s family.

Then, after the book deal fizzles, he still can’t keep his mouth shut and go back to living his life.

He decides to use a friend’s wedding as a chance to raid a hotel room to reclaim some sports memorabilia he claims belongs to him. Whether it does or not, what kind of fool would take that kind of action — at a wedding?

It seems Simpson did not feel like he was getting the proper response from police, so he decided to do the job himself. Brilliant, huh?

The tragedy of Simpson — in addition to the lives he has destroyed — is that he had such a clean cut, All-American image when he played.

Few could imagine that he would be capable of skipping out on a parking ticket, let alone murdering two people.

Now, it seems. it is more of a matter of what this thug who thinks he is above the law will do next.

Published in Editorials on September 17, 2007 11:36 AM