09/20/07 — Join the fun: Today’s the day to help share joy of reading with children

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Join the fun: Today’s the day to help share joy of reading with children

All across the country, children will be sitting down with their teachers, dignitaries and others to celebrate the joy of reading.

The Read for the Record campaign is designed to promote the importance of introducing children at an early age to the joy of sitting down with a book and embarking on a journey of imagination.

There will be organized events all over the country today to mark the occasion, but perhaps the most important celebration can occur tonight in every home in Wayne County.

Take the chance tonight to sit down with your child and share a favorite story. It will only take about a half hour to an hour, but it could open doors for years for your youngster.

Reading is the gateway to not only imagination, but also to school success. Students who have a greater command of the language when they enter school are more likely to do well in other subjects as well.

And sometimes all it takes is showing them that reading is not a chore, but fun.

And once today is over, there is still a need to keep at it.

Establishing a reading habit with your children is a good way to keep them focused and interested.

So, join the fun. You might just rediscover a part of your life you have been missing and pick up a book yourself.

Published in Editorials on September 20, 2007 11:08 AM