09/26/07 — Your roots: Wayne County’s fair offers glimpse at local heritage

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Your roots: Wayne County’s fair offers glimpse at local heritage

On the surface, the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair does not seem to have a lot to teach.

After all, what can your children learn from corndogs, cotton candy and Ferris wheels?

But below that fun surface lurks a lesson — where this county came from — and a brief look into what will continue to be a part of its future.

From livestock to farm products, the fair offers residents and children the chance to see what role agriculture plays in this county’s livelihood — and why they should care about its future.

There is the fun stuff. The fair allows city kids the chance to get up close and personal with some of the farm animals they might not see anywhere else. And there are the competitions — livestock shows that pit some of the best young 4-Hers in the state in the show ring to battle for blue ribbons.

But there is more to learn, too. There are displays of old farm equipment that allow children to see what used to be common on the farm. In addition, there is the chance to talk to experts and others who make their living associated with the agriculture industry.

All in all, it is a great opportunity to get the kids away from the video games and out into the fresh air — even if just for an evening.

Attending the fair also supports the efforts of the Wayne County Livestock Development Association, which makes sure there is money to keep the county’s fair the largest and most successful in the state. That is a title we should carry with pride.

And, let’s face it, where else can you pet a sheep, cheer for a pig and enjoy a caramel apple, all in one fell swoop?

Published in Editorials on September 26, 2007 10:57 AM