10/01/07 — Pay back: Calling to service is one that too many people ignore

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Pay back: Calling to service is one that too many people ignore

Busy days usually mean few people take the time to think about what they can do to help others.

It is just a consequence of today’s much-too-rushed world.

But when you read a story about someone like Capt. Don Haley, who was recently named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans by the U.S. Junior Chamber, you realize that perhaps if more of us felt and acted the way he does, there would be a lot less suffering and a whole lot more love.

Capt. Haley would not like to be held up as an example of what to do with your life. He just follows a path shown to him long ago. And he would probably point to hundreds of other residents who help out their community each day in a variety of ways.

But hearing his story should remind us all that there are great benefits to taking the time to make a difference — and in some cases rewards that far outweigh money and fame.

The United Way and Volunteer Wayne/RSVP’s Make a Difference Day proved that there are many people out there who care enough to get involved in their community.

What we now have to remember, and the lesson we can take from Capt. Haley’s example, is that we need to make caring part of our daily life.

Just imagine what we can accomplish if we do.

Published in Editorials on October 1, 2007 10:07 AM