10/05/07 — Head to the fair: There’s still time to support volunteers, fair staff

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Head to the fair: There’s still time to support volunteers, fair staff

There are only a couple of days left of the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair — and this year, it looks like it was a huge success.

In addition to crowded midways and busy livestock competitions, the weather cooperated this year, with no rain in sight all week long.

So, there is no reason not to put on your boots or your tennis shoes and head down to see what is going on at the fairgrounds.

And when you do, stop by and say thank you to the volunteers who have spent their week rushing around behind the scenes to make sure your county fair came off without a hitch.

Director Milton Ingram, the members of the Wayne County Livestock Development Association, and the fair staff, as well as the volunteers, would probably never admit to how much work goes into putting on one of the state’s best county fairs. After all, they do the job because they love it.

But every year they and those who man the fundraising booths and display areas put in hours making sure everything moves smoothly and as many visitors as possible have a good time.

It is cheap to go to the fair — and there is a lot to see.

And, if you are looking, you might even be able to find dinner — and learn where it comes from.

And when you are finished twirling and eating, mosey on over to see the livestock displays. You might even see someone you know with a blue ribbon. At the very least, you might be able to show your children just what it takes to create those chicken nuggets they love so much.

You can thank the Wayne County agents for the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service as well as farmers and livestock producers from around the area for the chance to explore this county’s agricultural roots.

And later this weekend, when the last gate is closed, those involved with this year’s fair can take a deep breath and rest. They will have earned it.

Published in Editorials on October 5, 2007 11:16 AM