10/12/07 — Come eat fish: Every year, Shriners light fryers to help sick children

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Come eat fish: Every year, Shriners light fryers to help sick children

If you are reading this and it is still light outside, you can still head down to Herman Park for dinner — and perhaps make a sick child’s life a little easier.

The Wayne County Shrine Club gathers up hundreds of pounds of fish and gallons of cooking oil for its annual fish fry every year. And in the end, after hundreds have had lunch or dinner in the park, the proceeds are collected and sent off to the Shriners’ network of hospitals for children.

These are special hospitals that offer the specialized care these children need to recover from what can only be described as horrific injuries.

Their stories are extremely touching — and from all areas of the country. Often, these families do not have the funds or other resources to get this specialized care. And without the Shriners’ efforts, they would not be able to get access to the best doctors and the latest in medical treatment.

And the care does not end there, either. Shriners clubs across America take care of these families for years, organizing benefits as well as special parties for what club members say become their children.

And don’t think all the money leaves the area, either. There have been several Wayne County and eastern North Carolina children who have benefitted from the Shriners’ efforts.

So, there is still time to help — and to get out of cooking tonight. Simply head on down to the park and bring your wallet. There will be plenty of fish — as well as a selection of homemade desserts waiting for you.

And the chance to make a difference in a child’s life is only a fish fry ticket away.

What better deal can you get than that?

Published in Editorials on October 12, 2007 11:09 AM