10/25/07 — Stop obesity 101: Show children the old ways

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Stop obesity 101: Show children the old ways

A statewide study is now focused on finding out what is causing children to continue to gain more and more weight — and what can be done about it.

Nothing against those who are charged with finding out those answers, they are important and to be taken seriously, but do we really not know?

Compare today’s children with those of only a generation or two ago. What’s the difference? Video games and TV.

In the olden days, children watched some television, but much of their time was spent outside, running, playing, engaging in physical exercise.

Today, not so much.

And money was tighter then, too. There wasn’t as much of that fast food stuff and other grab-it meals that are empty calories that just get you through the day.

Perhaps one of the first steps the state should take to address the concerns of childhood obesity is to show children films from the olden days — or perhaps bring in a guest speaker or two. Perhaps “kick ball” could be a requirement for graduation?

All right, so that was just a joke. But the concept is intriguing isn’t it? Maybe we could make exercise retro — like mini-skirts — then everyone would want to do it.

It just might be worth a try.

Published in Editorials on October 25, 2007 10:34 AM