11/06/07 — Forward thinking: City needs progress to thrive

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Forward thinking: City needs progress to thrive

There are some people who think that the city of Goldsboro is doing too much — that there simply isn’t a need for more development, at least not at this pace.

That view, while fiscally conservative, is not all that responsible. Not really. Not if we want to see Wayne County grow and prosper.

It doesn’t matter what size your city is. If your downtown is stagnant and tumbleweeds are blowing down the street, that is not going to send a “pick me” message to someone who is looking for a place to invest in a new factory or housing development.

The work that has been going on downtown is necessary — and in some cases long overdue. It took insight and determination to get us this far.

With new offerings, coupled with continued work to improve the look and safety of surrounding neighborhoods, we will have a city that is vibrant, growing and prosperous.

And that is a recipe for success for the entire county.

Today, Goldsboro residents will be choosing leaders for the next few years — as will voters in several other municipalities.

As they do, they need to think about the future, the possibilities and dream big. Protecting our communities’ futures requires courage, confidence and vision.

Choose leaders who understand those needs.

Today’s vote is about the future. Make sure you place it in exactly the right hands.

Published in Editorials on November 6, 2007 10:51 AM