11/14/07 — Words and dreams: Goldsboro High embarks on a quest to excel

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Words and dreams: Goldsboro High embarks on a quest to excel

Everybody loves a challenge.

And Goldsboro High School students are facing the opportunity to show the rest of the county that they are ready to accept another one — and win it.

Teachers at the school are challenging the student body to get busy and set a goal — to read 1 million words.

The task is a tough one. Every student will have to get involved and become as determined to win the battle as they would a contest on an athletic field. It is that sort of commitment.

It will require training and teamwork. It is not easy to find time to read, let alone to master the number of books required to hit that more than 1 million record mark.

But it is also an opportunity — to show the rest of county how it is done.

And could there really be a better place than Goldsboro High to take on such a challenge? This is a school that has had to deal with a lot over the years and has beaten some odds along with way.

What a chance to show this community just what this school is capable of accomplishing.

And this is also an opportunity for a bunch of young men and women to be role models for younger students across Goldsboro. They can give the students at elementary and middle schools across the county something to aspire to as they prepare for their futures.

Reading is a gateway to all sorts of possibilities in life.

Without the ability to master words, education is tough. Language and comprehension are critical if you expect to make it through math, science and any other subject. You can’t even really become a star athlete or a musician if you cannot communicate effectively.

And it is not just a necessary skill either.

Reading opens doors to dreams.

Exploring different subjects and occupations can introduce you to possibilities that you might not have even considered.

But that’s the lecture.

Here’s the fun part.

No one really expects that you can hit this goal. After all, it is a serious task that will require a lot of work to master.

Wouldn’t it be great to show them that you have what it takes — and then some?

We will all be watching Goldsboro High. Show us that Cougar pride — and remember you are a team, help one another.

This is one scoreboard that could change your lives forever.

Published in Editorials on November 14, 2007 10:34 AM