11/19/07 — Giving season: Local food pantry, charities need help all year long

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Giving season: Local food pantry, charities need help all year long

The Community Soup Kitchen is doing pretty well this Thanksgiving. The turkeys are in and the rest of the accompaniments for the holiday meal are coming in as well.

So, it is looking like it will be a complete holiday spread when local needy individuals and families head over for their early supper Thursday.

The same will probably be true at Christmas.

There will be plenty of offerings from generous contributors. The holiday season makes many people think of those who are not as lucky as they are.

But what happens after December fades into January and 2008’s arrival ends the holiday heartfelt donations?

As the community prepares to celebrate two of its most beloved holidays, we all ought to keep in mind two things — one, donations now really do make holidays happier for needy families; and two, the need does not end when Thanksgiving and Christmas are over.

The volunteers at the Soup Kitchen are always in need of something — an extra vegetable, a pumpkin pie — so do not hesitate to bring down your donation. The thought will be greatly appreciated and the menu item put to good use.

The same will be true for Christmas. There will be plenty of children who would be without a Christmas without your kind contributions.

But set aside some money now for a month in the future — when charity is not first on your mind.

Every little bit helps when donations are scarce.

Your kindness will make a difference.

Published in Editorials on November 19, 2007 10:27 AM