11/20/07 — Slow down: Tickets will be flowing this holiday travel season

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Slow down: Tickets will be flowing this holiday travel season

The message is the same every year. Slow down and take your time if you are traveling this holiday season. After all, state troopers will be watching you.

The same is true for holiday revelers, who are being advised to stay off the roads if they have been drinking, for the same reason — the law will be watching.

OK, it is a ritual and the same old, same old.

And OK, many people simply will shrug off the message.

But the reality is that there will be people who will die over this holiday season because they will ignore the annual advice — and could even kill someone else along the way.

The holiday travel season is beyond busy. Everyone has a schedule and a destination.

But contrary to popular belief, getting there faster is not always better — especially not if you end up in a traffic scare because of the rush.

Make sure when you are traveling this holiday season that you slow down, observe posted speed limits and drive defensively.

There will still be plenty of idiots all around you, but by driving with your senses on red alert, you will be able to avoid the potential tragedies that have destroyed many a family’s holiday celebration.

Your mom won’t mind if you are 10 minutes late — as long as you arrive safely. Trust us.

Published in Editorials on November 20, 2007 10:31 AM