11/23/07 — True meanings: Shopping frenzy shouldn’t obscure Christmas’s true spirit

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True meanings: Shopping frenzy shouldn’t obscure Christmas’s true spirit

It is inevitable really. When the Christmas shopping season starts off with long lines and shoppers racing to capture one of a limited supply of bargains, few people are thinking about the spirit behind Christmas.

They are all about the commerce on the day after Thanksgiving.

So, the lines aren’t a surprise — or some of the less-than-Christmasey attitudes. That’s what happens when some people find themselves competing for a “prize” — in this case, a bargain.

The shopping part is fun — and it has its heart in the right place. The idea is to find the perfect gift for a loved one on your list. It is just an amped up version of the spirit of giving.

But as the season continues and shoppers all over the area compete for that one perfect gift, it might be a good idea to slow down, look around and remember the reason for the season.

If you do, you might not push ahead of someone in line, or make a grab for that last toy. You might be willing to let your children settle for their second choices instead of striving to make sure every item on their Christmas lists has a checkmark beside it.

You might grab a name off a giving tree and buy more than you should — to keep your spirit intact.

You might remember that there is supposed to be so much more to this holiday.

It certainly is worth thinking about.

Published in Editorials on November 23, 2007 10:43 AM