11/29/07 — Are you listening? Is the nation ready for more presidential primary banter?

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Are you listening? Is the nation ready for more presidential primary banter?

There is still more than a month left before the real battle for presidential primary supremacy begins, although there are a couple of skirmishes already brewing.

But the question really is — is anyone listening anymore to the rhetoric, the ads, the debate, the bickering, the finger-pointing and everything else that has flooded the news over the last few months?

Are there really millions of Americans glued to their newspapers and television sets trying to decide for whom they will cast their primary ballots? Do the debates send shockwaves through the voting electorate as they wrestle with their choice?

Well, uh, no. It really doesn’t seem that way.

Some of the reason might be the ever-changing positions of the candidates. You need a scorecard to determine who’s on first and what’s on second these days. They shift with the wind and the audience. And if you get caught in one of their spin cycles, look out.

And then there are the pundits.

Rest assured. They have no idea who is going to win — really. Just listen to how non-committal they are and you will see that this is a presidential year like no other.

The rest of the perceived apathy might be information overload. There is just too much mudslinging already — and it isn’t even the main event. And in some cases, we might be finding out a little too much information about some of the frontrunners.

So, what is an average American to do if he or she is facing months more of this back and forth?

Some are even saying they are not going to listen anymore until there are actually two nominees in place.

So, the best way to attack the primaries is to watch all the proceedings with an eye for skill — not promises.

See who handles him or herself the best — and then make sure you agree with some of his or her major positions on the issues. Then, ignore everything else, laugh at the pundits and watch to make sure your candidate remains consistent and trustworthy.

Then, you will have more time to focus on the more interesting battle — Oprah Winfrey vs. Barbra Streisand — which one will pull her candidate through to victory. Ms. Winfrey is for Barack Obama, while Ms. Streisand supports Hillary Clinton.

Now that is going to be a cage match worthy of pay per view.

Published in Editorials on November 29, 2007 11:38 AM