12/11/07 — Cleanup urgency: Time has come to do something with deadlines about motel

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Cleanup urgency: Time has come to do something with deadlines about motel

This is not just another dilapidated house — and city officials are right not to treat it like one.

So it is about time that the owner of the severely damaged Days Inn get sent a message — get rid of the eyesore or start repair work, now.

The high winds that damaged the building occurred in August. It is now near Christmas. That is more than enough time to have resolved the issue and to have begun work.

Why does it matter?

Think about it. That hotel is very visible from the highway — a major North Carolina thoroughfare. What kind of advertisement is that for this community? Would that make you want to invest any money here?

And if that isn’t enough, think of it this way: What would happen if the same structure were in Cary or other North Carolina growth area? Shouldn’t we demand the same response?

City officials were right to give the company some time to think. After all, this was a major problem that was not really anyone’s fault.

And since there was some question about meeting standards for high winds because of the age of the structure, there was some advantage in making sure a rebuild would stand up to the next storm that came along.

But enough time has passed and it is time for Daley Investments Inc. to make this project a real priority and to do what is right for this community.

And the city should make sure it gets done ASAP.

Published in Editorials on December 11, 2007 10:27 AM