12/17/07 — Their smiles: Your generosity made dreams come true

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Their smiles: Your generosity made dreams come true

If you had been there Saturday, you would understand just how much your donations meant to the more than 600 children who showed up for this year’s Empty Stocking Fund party.

They all waited patiently for their chance to see Santa and to choose a special Christmas gift. For some, that chosen holiday gift was exactly what they wanted — a bit of a dream come true. Santa got their letter.

For others, the day was also filled with responsibilities. They ushered little brothers and sisters around the festivities, determined to make sure the “little kids” got their special gifts first. And then said a shy thank you when they were invited to choose a present of their own.

It is amazing how much being remembered mattered to the children who gathered Saturday. And it was equally stunning how much of an impact their simple gratitude made on the Christmases of the volunteers who gave up their day off to be there to host their party.

And those of you who wrote a check or dropped off a donation were as much a part of that party as those of us who were lucky enough to be there.

We still need help. The goal has not yet been met. Donations will be accepted through the holiday season.

But for those who already have been generous — our thanks.

You would not believe how much good your gift did.

You gave more than 600 youngsters the chance to believe and to have faith in others. And that is a precious gift no child should ever be denied.

Published in Editorials on December 17, 2007 11:09 AM