12/18/07 — Water worries: Figures are in and drought concern is still real

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Water worries: Figures are in and drought concern is still real

Concerns about the availability of water seem to dissipate almost as soon as the summer months are over.

People just don’t think about parched land during the fall and winter months. It is not hot and the sun is not usually baking down, so there is no reason to worry, they think.

Recent news about Raleigh’s worsening crisis as well as the statistics about the drought’s effect on agriculture statewide — to the tune of more than $550 million — have made more North Carolinians stop to think not only about the immediate impact, but also how the state can handle increased demand for water.

In other words, summer is seeming less and less far away.

There are already some measures in place here — restrictions that have kept Goldsboro and Wayne County out of the danger zone.

But like Raleigh, waiting until there is a serious problem and the actions that need to be taken dire, is not an option for Wayne County.

Perhaps this area needs its own summit — a gathering of leaders from all areas — to discuss how officials are going to set up a system so that there is enough water not only for new residents, but for those who are already here as well.

No matter what, we cannot pretend that the lack of rain is not a concern. There will have to be a serious look at the next best course of action way before the heat of summer reappears.

Published in Editorials on December 18, 2007 11:03 AM