12/22/07 — No better gift: The joy comes from realizing Christmas is about sharing

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No better gift: The joy comes from realizing Christmas is about sharing

Christmas is so close that it almost seems too late to do anything for families in need in Wayne County.

After all, most of the efforts to provide toys and clothing for children and food for families in need have wrapped up their holiday giving.

So, it is tempting to set aside the urge to do good and to move on to the next order of business — getting ready for Christmas Day.

But if you have anything leftover, or you have decided that your children need a dose of what Christmas is really about, get out your checkbook.

There are still places you can find to share a little of the wealth this year, and to take joy in the true spirit of Christmas, which has nothing to do with a fat man in a red suit and piles of presents under a tree.

There are families right now who will make it through Christmas, but will find themselves without heat or with limited food options come January. And there are others who have just now found themselves in a situation that will not allow them to recover in time to make a Christmas happen for their children.

The Salvation Army, the Community Soup Kitchen and other agencies are standing ready to help, but they cannot meet the needs in this community without support from those of us who have been more than a little lucky this year.

Christmas is about giving, loving, faith and taking care of those who cannot take care of themselves.

There is no better gift to give a child than the realization that Christmas is not about the latest video game, but about sharing with those who are less fortunate.

And it is shocking how often there are stories about young people who understand that giving spirit more than the adults around them. Just look at the generosity of so many Wayne County schoolchildren this year.

Perhaps we should follow their lead.

So, if you can, give to a charity of your choice. If you would like, designate your donation for a specific use such as heating or food — or a special surprise for a needy child.

Then, put a special ornament on your tree — and when all the presents are opened and the meal completed — look up and know, somewhere, you have made the day a little easier for another family you might never even meet.

And in that moment, you will have done justice to honoring the true spirit of Christmas.

This community has always been first in line when it comes to caring for each other. This is a chance to make one last push to help a neighbor in need this holiday season.

Thanks to all who have decided to share a little this year — and all of you who will dig a little deeper. You will never really know just how much good your dollars did.

Published in Editorials on December 22, 2007 8:19 PM