12/31/07 — First resolution: A jumpstart for state legislators

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First resolution: A jumpstart for state legislators

Consider it the first official resolution of 2008 — just like the first official gift of Christmas in the popular children’s book “The Polar Express.”

It’s a bit of advice of sorts for the men and women who will take the oath once again to serve the citizens of North Carolina in the General Assembly this coming year.

Ironically, it is also a pretty good summation of some of the year’s top news stories.

Now, here it is, so get ready.

Don’t do anything while in office that you would be ashamed to tell your mother.

That means no skirting the law, no making a decision simply because it is politically expedient, no taking money that you know darn well is not yours and no voting for a new law because it will help the buddies who just donated thousands of dollars to your campaign.

We really shouldn’t have to tell the members of the N.C. General Assembly to operate in an ethical manner. After all, isn’t that assumed when they take the job?

On the other hand, the past year has been full of all sorts of surprises about how some of the state’s most powerful leaders have been conducting themselves.

And by the looks of the last few days of 2007, it looks like there could be even more fun in 2008.

So, it seems important to remind everyone that a position in the legislature — or in any other political body that represents the people — is a chance to serve, not to line your pockets.

There are some to whom the warning does not apply.

They can come up with their own resolutions.

As for the rest, be wary. We caught several in 2007 and our sights are now ready for 2008.

Published in Editorials on December 31, 2007 10:43 AM