01/09/08 — Told you so ... You can’t always trust polls

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Told you so ... You can’t always trust polls

Anyone who actually is making his or her decision about whom to support in the presidential primaries based on exit polling and the on again, off again media measurements should take note of Tuesday’s New Hampshire result.

Every single poll was not just wrong, but WAY wrong.

And candidates who are basing their decisions on such topics as the war in Iraq on polling data ought to pay close attention, too. There is something to be learned from Tuesday’s vote.

Making decision on a candidate and a policy based on what you think is right and getting the evidence you need to support or disprove that assertion — and then sticking to your guns — is the right way to make any major decision, especially when it comes to the best person to lead your nation into the future.

And once again we see, you cannot always trust polls.

So, the rest of the country’s voters who watched the Iowa and New Hampshire votes should make their decisions based on their principles and their guts — not who the pundits say is going to be “the winner.”

This race is far from over — on both sides. The next few months are also going to be critical to the final choice for nominees. Make sure your voice is heard.

Published in Editorials on January 9, 2008 11:26 AM