01/11/08 — Just reward: David Weil is truly a cornerstone of his county

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Just reward: David Weil is truly a cornerstone of his county

There was no one more anxious to escape from the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce’s annual banquet Thursday than David Weil.

Through much of the presentation that led to his receipt of the chamber’s Cornerstone Award, he squirmed, stared at his hands and otherwise looked like he wished the whole thing would end. It is a mystery how they got him there in the first place.

It was not the uncomfortableness of a busy man who had somewhere else he needed to be — or a sign that he thought being among his fellow community leaders was a waste of his time.

David Weil simply doesn’t want anyone to acknowledge the tremendous good work he does in his community. Quiet service with lots of credit to others and little for himself is how he likes it.

So, as one of those who spoke on his behalf said Thursday, no one will ever really know how much he has done for Wayne County. That’s why it was so important to acknowledge him in 2008 for what we know he already has done.

True to his reputation, Weil stood up to accept the award, chided toastmaster Charlie Gaylor for the length of the tribute, and then proceeded to thank everyone else for the help they have given him in making his dreams for his community come true.

No one was surprised.

So, the tribute here will be short — and succinct. You can bet it will make him just as uncomfortable.

David Weil is an example of the kind of person who does honor to his family by living the example they set. No doubt the parents who taught him to live his life with the courage of his convictions and remembering where he came from would be proud of the man he is today.

His mark is one that will not be erased with time — and neither will the leadership lessons he has taught.

He is a man to be admired — and emulated.

Even if he is the last person to admit it.

Published in Editorials on January 11, 2008 11:17 AM