01/25/08 — The real problem: There are children inside many drug-filled homes

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The real problem: There are children inside many drug-filled homes

It wasn’t great news to hear today that seven people will face charges in Wayne County in connection with a drug lab right here in Goldsboro.

It was even more unsettling to hear authorities say it is just one of many such operations that are now flourishing in many areas of the country.

But what was most disturbing about today’s arrests is the collection of children’s toys outside the meth lab — and the very real possibility that, at one time, a child might have been right there.

It is a stark reminder that many of the problems that this county and others like it see with children — both in school and in the court system — stem from the environments in which they live.

What kind of possibilities and hope exist for a child who lives in these kinds of conditions? And why can’t we do a better job of protecting them from what can only be termed deadbeat and worthless parents?

And, more importantly, how do we make sure that fewer children are brought into or allowed to stay in homes that are this horrible?

It is scary to think how many more youngsters are out there dealing with this same sort of situation — and how many more will suffer because of their parents’ poor choices.

Before we can go further in addressing what many of us see as the needs in Wayne County, we have to deal with the harsh realities.

In this case, that behind every drug arrest is a child whose life will never, ever be the same.

Published in Editorials on January 25, 2008 11:28 AM