01/28/08 — Package brigade: MOC students have issued call; now we need to answer

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Package brigade: MOC students have issued call; now we need to answer

The part of Sunday’s story on the Mount Olive College students’ project for the troops that should have stuck with you is the comment about what it means for these men and women when they get something — anything — from home.

An event, a pick-me-up, a sign that someone from back home appreciates, understands and values the work they are doing overseas — that’s what it means.

And now that MOC has given us the push this community needs to respond — in a big way.

This is not a huge expense, picking up an item or two for the troops and trekking them over to the college. It would make a great project for a family, a church, a classroom. And all it would take for this call to arms to take off is a significant commitment from a few well-placed community leaders and residents who answer their call to duty.

So, here’s the challenge: Let’s make this a Valentine’s Day effort and see just how many of these items can be gathered before the hearts and flowers take over.

It will be a nice gift for a whole bunch of men and women who will be without their loved ones while the rest of us are celebrating.

We will be waiting for the first group to mobilize — and we will need some children to help make the Valentine’s Day cards. So, let’s get to work and start the ball rolling with a couple commitments from some of the major employers in this community to step up and start gathering. No one has to spend a fortune here — any little donation will help — and it could end up being fun.

Here’s a chance to answer a need and to say thank you at the same time. It’s up to all of us not to drop the ball.

Published in Editorials on January 28, 2008 11:13 AM