02/11/08 — Just promises? Do Richard Moore’s campaign claims ring possible?

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Just promises? Do Richard Moore’s campaign claims ring possible?

Beware the Miss America pageant candidate.

You know the kind. They are certain that within the span of 12 months, they can create world peace and feed every hungry child.

Move those promises to the political arena and you have the same sort of speech.

These political hopefuls promise the sky and use soundbites to mask real discussions of issues.

In other words, they tell you what you want to hear.

Gubernatorial candidate Richard Moore seems to be headed in that direction. His campaign ads say he will cut North Carolina’s dropout rate in half, while making sure every child has health insurance, “no excuses.”

And, in his spare time, he is going to fix the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Hmmm. Seem a little bit ambitious to you?

There is nothing wrong with dreaming big — and if Moore really thinks he has the answers that North Carolina needs, he should tell the voters.

It sure would be nice to hear someone talk about real challenges and solutions and not just “change” as a campaign platform.

But we will need a few more specifics.

After all, the information should not be held hostage until we elect Moore as the state’s new chief executive.

If he knows the answers right now to the state’s dropout problem, let’s hear them. Certainly Wayne County and other school districts would love to know how to fix that concern before next November.

Picking a new governor is an important step for North Carolinians. Making sure we get one with a vision for his or her state’s future is critical. And to find him or her, we have to look deep. No promises. No speeches. Just the plans and the facts.

Published in Editorials on February 11, 2008 10:59 AM