02/14/08 — Right time to go: Rep. Thomas Wright has proven he doesn’t get it

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Right time to go: Rep. Thomas Wright has proven he doesn’t get it

There are times when you just have to cut a man loose. And in the case of Rep. Thomas Wright, it just might be that time.

The beleaguered legislator’s most recent gem is that the money he appropriated from his health care foundation was compensation for sweat equity.

That statement proves two things: A. Wright is reaching for any possible explanation, spin or anything else that can make the ethics charges against him disappear; and B. He does not understand the concepts of charitable work and sweat equity.

Sweat equity is a contribution and payback at the same time. Rather than offering money, you offer your time and expertise, which earns you a stake in the project or good works.

You do not expect to be “paid back” for your efforts. You gave of them freely. They are a contribution. Wright certainly ought to understand what that is.

The more discussion there is about the ethics charges levied against Wright, the more apparent it should become to anyone that something smells here.

There are just too many questions about this man’s intentions and his actions to allow him to continue serving the citizens of North Carolina with any real credibility. Although, it is kind of fun to see what defenses he might come up with next.

The right thing to do now is for Wright to move on‚ before this gets any worse. We will see if he gets the message.

Somehow, it just doesn’t seem likely.

Published in Editorials on February 14, 2008 12:04 PM