03/27/08 — Make your case: Now is an ideal time to be part of political dialogue

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Make your case: Now is an ideal time to be part of political dialogue

One of the best things about any presidential election — or local or state contest, for that matter — is that it gets people talking — people who might otherwise not take the time to register an opinion one way or the other on who should lead them into the future.

And this is already becoming one of those elections.

Even though there has been much talk of looking for a uniter, not a divider, the presidential race is already becoming a battle of “sides” — black/white, women/men, young/old, old school/idealist — as well as the age-old Republican/Democrat contest.

And all the primaries are not even over yet.

Some of us will never agree on a candidate choice, but that doesn’t stop us from sharing our views on why a vote should be cast one way or the other — and that’s what makes this race so interesting.

So, for some of us, Hillary Clinton’s tactics and her “misspeak” about her trip to Bosnia are deal-breakers, while, for others, Barack Obama’s speech-making just isn’t enough to convince us he is ready for the presidency.

And even though he is not in the hot seat now, there are Republicans who still wonder if John McCain should really be allowed to call himself a conservative, and if a vote for “none of the above” better serves the party’s future.

With so much interest in the presidential race, and some stirrings in the state battles as well, perhaps this is the year that there is a real dialogue — a chance for people to share their views on why their candidate is the one to pick this fall.

So, shake your fist at the newspaper’s editorials if you want, but please, send in your best defense if you disagree. Tell us why our opinions stink or why your candidate is the one people should vote for this May and in the fall.

And be prepared. You just might find out that there are a lot of others who share your views, and many others who have a completely different take on what is best for this country as we move into the future.

You don’t have to be a poet or a professional writer, and your opinion does not have to be 80 paragraphs long. All you have to do is speak from the heart — and not be someone’s official campaign spokesperson.

And there is a plus side, too.

For every person who has decided for whom his or her vote should be cast, there are plenty more who are still looking.

This is your chance to sway them — and to make a case for why your choice is the best pick for the most powerful job in the world.

And it will be good practice. There are some significant local and state elections this year. There will be plenty to talk about there, too. We will be asking you again as those races heat up.

All letters must be signed with an address and phone number for verification. Only your city and name will be printed. E-mail us at news@newsargus.com or send in a written version to Candidate Comments, c/o the News-Argus, 310 N. Berkeley Blvd., Goldsboro, 27532.

So, let’s hear it Wayne County — what do you think? Is Barack your man or is Hillary the right choice for 2008? Can you live with McCain?

This is your chance to make your case.

Published in Editorials on March 27, 2008 11:21 AM