04/04/08 — Wise head start: John McCain needs to use time to really listen

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Wise head start: John McCain needs to use time to really listen

It must be pretty sweet to be John McCain these days.

While your opponents are beating up on each other, you can travel around the country and speak directly to voters about your plans if you are elected president. You can shake hands, kiss babies and look presidential.

And in the meantime, your Democratic opponents are spending a whole of money you do not have to because your primary race is over.

That’s a pretty good position to be in.

But that head start will only be a positive if the candidate is out there meeting and greeting — and listening.

John McCain should be using this time to think long and hard about what really matters to Americans when they are choosing a man or woman to lead them.

He must listen to stories and opinions and use that information as he evaluates where he is going to come down on certain issues.

He must create a platform that resonates with people and includes more than just fancy words and a story about a military record.

He must prove he is still a leader with conviction, heart and an agenda that takes into consideration what matters most. He must have a clear and concise message that addresses national security, the economy and health care.

And most importantly, he must remember that he is a Republican — and represent his party honorably and with conviction, but with an eye to his own values.

All of that is a pretty tall order, but this is McCain’s chance to prove that he is still ready for some pretty tall orders.

And that’s how we should determine who is ready to lead this nation.

Published in Editorials on April 4, 2008 11:15 AM