04/18/08 — New Pied Piper: Obama’s message resonates with many across country

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New Pied Piper: Obama’s message resonates with many across country

No matter how you feel about his proposals for the future of your country, you have to give Barack Obama credit for one thing — charisma.

In his speech Thursday in Greenville, Obama started the call for change — and called out all those who have been a part of the politics of the past.

And just so you don’t forget, Obama is no 20-something. He is 46 years old. That tells you just what youth translates to these days — and what it takes to attract the interest of the YMe generation.

But all that aside, Obama has the kind of message and presentation that makes people sit up, listen and consider that there might be possibilities that they have not thought of for their future.

It remains to be seen if those thoughts can be translated into actions that really do change the world.

Obama’s message and his proposals might not be the answer for this country’s future as far as some are concerned — and they might not be anything more than hot air — but it is nice to see something motivate people to get up off the couches.

America has many needs as it heads into the next decade — health care, education reform, lower tax burdens on American families as well as the chance to make sure that future generations are protected from the despots and fanatics of the world.

But by far the greatest danger is posed by the fact that it is difficult to get people to care about anything about their present, let alone their futures.

Maybe that is a skill politicians and leaders in all forms could learn from Barack Obama.

Published in Editorials on April 18, 2008 10:58 AM