05/01/08 — Relay Friday: Show your unity by dressing down tomorrow

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Relay Friday: Show your unity by dressing down tomorrow

Call it a little bit of team spirit, mixed with support for those who have suffered and are suffering from cancer.

Sometimes all it takes to send a message of hope, inspiration and compassion is a T-shirt — and thousands of open hearts.

Friday has been declared Relay T-shirt Day in Goldsboro and Wayne County. The idea is for the thousands of county residents who are part of this community’s Relay for Life events to stand up and be counted.

The message they hope to send is that we are determined as a community to put an end to cancer in our lifetimes. Friday is a chance to let everyone know just how unified this community is in that effort.

This county’s Relay for Life efforts are nothing short of miraculous. Nearly one million dollars is raised each year right here because people take the time to care about others.

Friday’s T-shirt day is just one of the many events that have been going on for months as the county prepares for the May 16-17 Relay. All those who have already done so much should take the time for a little fun Friday.

It is a great way to remind each other that every great accomplishment starts with the determination and hard work of individuals.

Published in Editorials on May 1, 2008 10:45 AM