05/07/08 — Get out the vote: Turnout for primary was strong, and it needs to continue

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Get out the vote: Turnout for primary was strong, and it needs to continue

It is usually disheartening to see the numbers of people who turn out to vote in primaries.

Often, it is a ridiculously low percentage of those who are registered to vote — and that is a dismal portion of those who are eligible to vote.

But this primary was different.

Turnout for North Carolina in general and Wayne County in specific were significant — and records were even set in some areas.

No one is used to seeing this kind of interest in a campaign, let alone an election at so early a stage.

But then again, this wasn’t just any year.

As the Democratic nomination battle winds down and the focus turns to the general election, there will be some people who will lose their enthusiasm for making their voices heard or for learning anything about the people who are running to represent them.

They will decide they have better things to do than to pay attention to the local, state and national campaigns — and they will decide not to bother to head to the polls in November. And that would be a shame.

The right to vote is a sacred trust. The Founding Fathers set up this system to make sure no politician, ruler or anyone else would rule without the consent of the people of this nation.

But the right to vote and to participate in your government is worthless if they are not used.

So keep the momentum going — or get educated if you aren’t already. This is your chance to speak.

Published in Editorials on May 7, 2008 10:34 AM