06/02/08 — Countywide pride: Mount Olive College Trojans did their county, school proud

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Countywide pride: Mount Olive College Trojans did their county, school proud

Standing up and holding a College World Series championship trophy above your heads is a moment to be cherished forever.

But knowing that you got that trophy by months of working hard, playing fair and acting like gentlemen on and off the field ... well, that really is priceless.

The Mount Olive College Trojans might think that their community is most proud of the fact that they are obviously very, very good baseball players.

They might even think that just having a trophy for a display case is what will prompt crowds to turn out tonight for the campus-wide celebration of their victory.

But those aren’t the only reasons it has been so easy to cheer for this team this year.

In these days of big egos, unacceptable behavior and embarrassing moments for many college teams across the country, this year’s Division II champions have behaved with class and maturity.

Sure, their advisers and maybe even their coach might tell you they have had their bobbles along the way. All young people have their days when they make decisions they might reconsider later. But this team understood that its members were representing not only their school and fellow students, but legions of alumni, fans and a community as well.

And they lived up to the task with style and character.

So, tonight, when the cheers roll across the Mount Olive College campus, the Trojans should be proud not only of the trophy they brought home, but of the example they set for any youngster who might have thought about picking up a baseball.

Both are major achievements worth celebrating.

Published in Editorials on June 2, 2008 12:21 PM