07/01/08 — First gas ... Forget the price at the pumps. How about that milk?

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First gas ... Forget the price at the pumps. How about that milk?

Now, this is serious.

Dealing with skyrocketing gas prices has not been easy, especially for middle income families who have to worry about a few extra dollars sending their budgets spiraling out of control.

But although many people have noticed some prices inching up at the grocery store, the news this week is that one of the staples of American life could also be headed for an even higher pricetag.

That’s right, milk.

We might be able to do without a lot of things, but this one is almost a must.

And that should be a signal to all those out there who are using the economy as a political battering ram to think a little more before they come up with yet another platitude or even more name-calling.

In other words, forget the presidential election. Somebody in Washington needs to do a little more thinking and coming up with ideas NOW.

And, by the way, that means Barack Obama and John McCain — both of whom are sitting senators who are supposed to be leaders making things happen in the capital.

Americans don’t care whose fault it is, gentlemen. They don’t really trust either party because the reality is that this happened on both of your watches.

Promises and finger-pointing are not going to make it easier for a family to pay the rent — or to buy a gallon of milk.

So, set aside your differences and get to work. There are plenty of you in Washington. Surely someone has a few ideas that don’t involve he said, she said. Let’s hear a proposal that shows some leadership. That is the quality we most like to see in our senators — and our future presidents. We will be watching to see how you meet the test.

Published in Editorials on July 1, 2008 10:46 AM