07/16/08 — Round 'em up - Forget political correctness, let's capture criminals

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Round 'em up - Forget political correctness, let's capture criminals

It's not that uncommon a scene these days.

A potential victim of a crime decides enough is enough and lets the potential offender have it -- usually with a fist or some other means of defense.

And it is not just adult males, either. Some pretty upset little old ladies have decided they simply weren't going to go peacefully, much to the surprise of their would-be attackers.

And this week in Wayne County, a group of people heard that a young girl had been raped at a local amusement area. They located the suspect and kept him cornered until law enforcement officials arrived.

Those good samaritans not only managed to assist in the capture of a potential criminal thus saving local officials time and taxpayers money, they also refrained from doing anything illegal while doing it.

And that in itself is an achievement when you are dealing with so heinous an accusation.

The residents' criminal round up kind of makes you wonder a bit if perhaps it is time for others to consider standing up a little more when it comes to crime.

Although safety will remain a factor and local officials probably would prefer that residents think before they strike back, there is nothing wrong with having an enhanced neighborhood watch system around this county.

Think how much money local residents could save law enforcement officials if they worked a little harder at keeping their eyes out for potential criminal activity.

The Crime Stoppers program is just one way that local businesses and residents are helping take a bite out crime, setting up a reward system for those who contribute information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a criminal.

Why not amp up our prevention skills as well? Maybe if word gets around that there are thousands of pairs of eyes watching all around this area, criminals might think twice about pulling a job of any sort here. It just wouldn't be worth the risk.

And that is exactly what we want them to think.

Demanding that the sheriff and chief of police and their respective staffs do everything they can to stop crime is the right move. That is their job.

But by adding our own expertise -- within the limits of the law, we can also take back our streets and make sure that those that don't already have crime problems do not develop them. All we would need to do is keep our eyes open.

And who knows, it just might work.

Published in Editorials on July 16, 2008 3:22 PM