07/29/08 — Mean to be green: Conservation starts at home

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Mean to be green: Conservation starts at home

There is a lot of talk these days about conserving energy, gas and preserving the future health of the planet. But in most cases, those who talk about being green are not exactly chomping at the bit to be green.

That is, until it hits their pocketbooks.

Statistics released this week prove that Americans know how to cut back -- the number of miles traveled in May of this year, for example, is much, much lower than it was in 2008, probably because of gas prices.

And, voila, when it hurts, we know how to conserve.

And that is the key if this country really is serious about taking better care of the planet.

We might have a recycling program in our community, but not all of us use it. We might know that we shouldn't toss litter out our windows, but some people still do it. And every day in our homes, we have the opportunity to turn down a thermostat or to turn off a light that is not being used. And sometimes we don't bother.

If we are going to save money and be "green," we have to start actually taking some of the steps some of us are still just talking about.

Thinking about how to save money and resources is not enough -- and neither is preaching. Conservation and responsible living begin with a commitment at home to be conscious of ways to save the Earth, not just when it hurts, but all day every day.

Published in Editorials on July 29, 2008 11:16 AM