08/18/08 — Boat veto? Surely there are better ways to take a stand

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Boat veto? Surely there are better ways to take a stand

It is almost laughable that the big announcement this weekend is that Gov. Mike Easley is taking a stand and using a rare veto against ... boat towing.

Does that not seem a little more than ridiculous in a state that has so many other issues and so much other legislation to worry about?

There are some safety reasons behind the ban -- the governor says it will keep your family safer on the highways without all those large boats around. Not that there are a ton of those large boats likely to head to North Carolina if there are less restrictive limits.

So while we should be appreciative that someone is looking out for our best interests on the highways, it really makes you wonder if the "education governor" has anything better to do.

There might not be anything of more import on the bill-to-law slate for the governor -- or he just might not want to get into a scuffle since he is almost out the door anyway. But it certainly seems that there could be some better way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

There are only a few more months left in the Easley administration. Now would be a good time to think about taking some stands that actually might change the course of North Carolina's future.

And while big boats might be a nuisance, they are a pin prick when it comes to the real problems this state faces.

So thanks for the veto, governor. Now, let's see some real leadership. After all, what do you really have to lose?

Published in Editorials on August 18, 2008 11:04 AM