09/04/08 — Real economy: Sometimes hype more of a danger than the facts

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Real economy: Sometimes hype more of a danger than the facts

Many national experts have said that half the problem with the economy is the people who are commenting on it and those who are listening.

And while there are economic indicators that suggest that there is reason to be concerned -- the housing slump, gas prices -- there are others that indicate that this is just a temporary downturn and that we are headed for better news soon.

And that's great -- as long as all that affects your life is the commentary by a bunch of economists.

Life hasn't been easy for many American families. They are facing shrinking budgets and higher prices. And although not many have had to endure severe alterations to their lifestyles, many are still worried about how much money it will take to take care of their families now and in the future.

So whether or not there is a real reason to be concerned -- we are.

What is important now is to come up with a true measure of where we are, what we need to do immediately and what we need to wait out. We need someone to address the issues that are affecting Americans and to give us perspective on what to worry about now and what to process later.

And that comes from facts, not hype.

A clear message from the nation's economic team -- and Americans who are willing to listen to the real story -- that's what we need now, not more "sky is falling" hype.

Published in Editorials on September 4, 2008 10:42 AM