09/24/08 — It's a trust thing: Reality is Americans not sure who to trust with economy

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It's a trust thing: Reality is Americans not sure who to trust with economy

Want to know why the presidential polls are bouncing around and most Americans aren't sure what to think about the recent financial crisis and what to do next?

The answer is simple really.

We don't trust anybody.

To think that President George Bush created the economic situation we are in on his own is just not logical -- and 99 percent of Americans are smart enough to know that.

So, whom do we believe and trust now that there is a need for someone to show leadership and to develop a plan to recover?

That's right. There are only foxes in this henhouse.

So over the next few weeks we will all be watching and listening to see who really has a plan, knowledge of the situation and more than just a feel-good speech or more partisan bickering.

And that is to whom we are going to entrust the next four years.

There are experts in the field calling for swift action -- and that is what Americans want -- swift action that gets the job done. We are full up on the blame game.

There will be plenty of time to figure out what went wrong in the financial markets and what policies need to be adjusted to make sure it never happens again.

There will also be time to adjust our answer to that crisis and to address the real factors that affect an economy.

Politically expedient garble and call to arms speeches are fun to listen to, but they won't help us right now.

Put the bread firmly back on the table first, make sure our mortgages and banks are healthy and make sure there will be jobs in 2009.

Then, we might be ready to talk politics again.

Published in Editorials on September 24, 2008 10:58 AM