09/25/08 — Despicable: No one should have to deal with threats in dog case

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Despicable: No one should have to deal with threats in dog case

There is a part of the Mount Olive dog shooting case that has not been heard yet -- and it is one that should result in immediate action if the perpetrators can be traced.

Colby Mangum, the young woman whose dog was shot, has received numerous threats against her and her remaining dog. One person even threatened to poison Bella, the Rottweiler.

No matter how anyone feels about this case, there is absolutely no reason that anyone should have to deal with such crass stupidity.

And Mount Olive police Chief Ralph Schroeder and Mayor Ray McDonald need to stand up and put an end to it -- right now.

Questioning how the Mount Olive police handled this case does not make anyone anti-police officer nor does it in any way say that there should be carte blanche now for people to let their dogs run rampant through the streets.

It suggests that this is an important issue that needs to be examined carefully and with an eye to preserving the rights of citizens -- all the citizens -- and protecting law enforcement officers.

Anyone who would be so low as to threaten a young woman because she chose to speak up should be sanctioned immediately.

Diamonds in the Ruff, 1762 Antioch Road, Pikeville, N.C. 27863 or Wayne County Humane Society, P.O. Box 821,Goldsboro, N.C. 27530

No one knows for sure who is doing the threatening -- cowards like that never give their names. But if the threats are traced to the neighborhood or the Police Department, action needs to be taken.

And the police officers should be given the benefit of the doubt. They are dedicated servants who want to take care of their community. It would seem very, very unlikely one of them would condone such an act. And if one of them knew about such a threat, he would likely be the first in line to turn the violator in.

To their credit, Schroeder and McDonald have asked Ms. Mangum to assist with creating a new policy for the town -- a positive step forward for everyone involved.

Durham's death has touched a lot of hearts of many local residents who themselves have a furry child they would hate to lose in such a way.

Their concern for the welfare of their own pets is understandable -- and brings with it a lot of emotion.

They, too, need to remember that no good can come of this terrible mistake unless everybody moves forward to try to find a solution. We can't bring Durham back, but we can make sure no other dog meets his fate.

If you want to honor Durham, send a donation in his name to the county rescue groups Diamonds in the Ruff or the Wayne County Humane Society.

The money you contribute will help dogs that are not lucky enough to have someone who loves them.

That is the best way to make Durham's memory live on forever and to let Colby know you care.

Published in Editorials on September 25, 2008 11:04 AM