09/26/08 — Diversion: National troubles keep radar off local, state contenders

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Diversion: National troubles keep radar off local, state contenders

Is anyone really listening to the bickering and mudslinging in the U.S. Senate and North Carolina governor's races?

And while the Wayne County commission and school board battles are finally heating up -- as are some of the legislative contests -- are many voters paying close enough attention to the issues in general or the candidates in particular?

It doesn't seem like it.

The national turmoil right now has been a bit of a shock for most Americans. So, while they might be worried about what their local politicians have planned for them, they are much more worried about what the future will be on Wall Street.

So, now, during what are some of the most critical weeks in the election process, many voters have tuned out to keep their eye on Washington.

And while there is a need to understand the principles and to watch the debate on the financial market bailout, it is also essential to pay attention to what's going on here at home.

Unfortunately, there simply is not that much time left before Election Day, and information gathered now will be critical to making the right decision at the voting booth in November.

And, besides, the races are getting interesting.

There are a lot of "he said, she saids" in the state races -- and some of the local contenders have taken some interesting stands, too.

Paying attention to their assertions -- and their non-statements about what they would do if they were put in office -- is critical to knowing just what they plan to accomplish if given the chance to represent their communities.

Missing a day or a debate could mean you might end up missing more than a few dollars later if you sign on blind to some of these campaign promises.

To pick the right representatives, we have to demand real answers and hold them accountable for past promises. We must question the offerings they are making about what they will do for Wayne County.

So while we would like to concentrate only on the mess in Washington and on Wall Street, we must keep our eyes focused at home, too.

There will be many more questions to come for the candidates here -- and we must be an active part in the asking as we try to decide to whom we will entrust this county and state's futures.

It really will be up to us to determine Wayne County's next steps -- and that is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.

Published in Editorials on September 26, 2008 10:51 AM