10/02/08 — Where's the gov.? Easley's latest 'no show' par for the course during tenure

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Where's the gov.? Easley's latest 'no show' par for the course during tenure

Did you wonder why Gov. Mike Easley was not present for the opening of a telecommunications center in Goldsboro?

Was it because he had more pressing engagements somewhere else?


Was it because he had a personal emergency that made him change his plans to attend at the last minute?

No, again.

It was because the governor was fogged in ... in Raleigh.

That's right, the state's chief executive could not use his helicopter to get to Goldsboro for the ribbon-cutting and opening ceremony because of the weather.

How many of you right now want to call Gov. Easley and tell him about one of the many routes you can take from Raleigh to Goldsboro that do not require the use of a helicopter -- and that are not hampered by fog?

Easley's latest no-show has been typical of his conduct as governor since he took office. He really does not seem to know how to get to Wayne County -- and few other places for that matter.

As we prepare to choose our next governor, one of our key questions ought to be not just what he or she will do for North Carolina, but if either candidate really understands the needs of eastern North Carolina in general and Wayne County in specific.

And we should let both candidates know that we would expect to see the new governor in Wayne County more than a couple of times every two or three years.

If necessary, we can even provide a map.

Published in Editorials on October 2, 2008 11:20 AM