10/03/08 — Catch the fair: There is still a night and a day to see your county's fair

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Catch the fair: There is still a night and a day to see your county's fair

There's a reason the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair is ranked as one of the best in the state.

And it is not because of the rides, the food or the displays -- although all of those are reasons to spend an evening at the fairgrounds.

Wayne County's fair is special because it gives families a chance to look back at their history and to see just what it takes to bring food to their plates. In fact, for many children who take time to come to the annual event, it might be the one and only time they will see a cow up close or get the chance to pet a rabbit. And for those who raise livestock, it is a chance to showcase their skills after a long year of preparing their horse, cow, goat, sheep or pig for the ring.

The fair has worked hard to keep its focus firmly in its agricultural roots -- and therefore has been able to maintain its reputation for quality entertainment and as an important livestock contest.

But all that is not the only reason to pack the family into the car and head out to enjoy the evening at the fair before it disappears into oblivion this weekend.

Attending the fair supports the efforts of many, many volunteers and others who give up their own time to make the experience possible for thousands of area residents every year.

Fair Manager Milton Ingram and his staff as well as the paid employees and volunteers have outdone themselves -- and do so each year -- providing good, low-cost entertainment for families. Buying a ticket and enjoying an evening on the midway is the community's way to make sure the fair continues to be a part of Wayne County's future.

So put on your jeans and head to the fairgrounds tonight or tomorrow. Catch a show or make a tour through the livestock barn. And if you are really brave -- eat a candy apple and then head for the Vortex.

It just might make a memory you and your family will never forget.

Published in Editorials on October 3, 2008 10:53 AM