10/09/08 — Common sense: Here comes the drama. Try leadership instead.

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Common sense: Here comes the drama. Try leadership instead.

There is no need for more congressional hearings.

Television time can go back to what is really important -- how we are going to fix this economy.

There won't be any need to listen to blowhard politicians who just discovered last month that there was excess in the mortgage or financial markets. And we don't have to pretend anymore that we believe those innocent congressional lambs who are currently pretending George W. Bush single-handedly destroyed this country while they were just busy serving their constituents.

The answer to the news that AIG officials took a $400,000 vacation after learning that their company would receive a bailout is simple.

Demand the money back, right now.

And if we have to, we should sue the company's board of directors or anyone else who might have been party to that ridiculous and disrespectful decision.

We don't need to wait for a new president, treasurer or SEC chairman. We can do it right now.

Quick action would send a message to any other company that will be receiving help from the American taxpayers -- we mean business.

And while we are at it, we need to send a message to everyone else out there who is under the false impression that if you break the rules, lie on your mortgage application or live way beyond your means, the rest of us will bail you out.

In the end, this is about personal responsibility.

There will be a lot of bickering, blame-placing and finger-pointing in the coming weeks, and it should sicken every voter who is really worried about America.

And to those politicians who think we are focused on one party and not the other take heed. Many of us are not sure we trust either of you to manage this mess -- and very few really think you are not part of the reason it occurred in the first place.

We will hold you responsible later for whatever you say and promise now -- so tread carefully.

Published in Editorials on October 9, 2008 11:01 AM