10/10/08 — Responsible vote: Voting shouldn't be easy

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Responsible vote: Voting shouldn't be easy

The furor over voter registration improprieties and the housing group ACORN has caused rumblings in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

The accusations have been scary -- from pressure to vote to some people being told to commit fraud.

And that is one worry about this election -- especially in light of the new, one-stop voting rule.

There are many who say the new registrations are going to decide this election -- provided those who sign the forms show up and vote.

And no one really can predict what is going to happen with one-stop voting. There are several states that are facing challenges because of their interpretation of that rule and the implications as they relate to conducting a fair and verifiable election result.

So, for the first time, an election could be decided by a party machine and mass registration drive of people who might or might not have any idea for what or for whom they are voting.

And that should scare anyone who is concerned about the future of this nation.

Winning at all costs is never a positive. We do not need more people who are voting just to vote -- on either side. If someone has not taken the time to register properly, he or she should not be allowed to cast a vote at a polling place. Inattention to that procedure indicates a certain lack of understanding of the responsibility of being informed before heading to the ballot box.

One-stop voting is just another way of reducing the value of becoming a responsible American citizen -- and it is not the sort of example we need to set.

It is time to teach not only our children, but some adults, that if they want to be a part of the running of this country, they have to do their part, follow the rules -- and put in the work.

Published in Editorials on October 10, 2008 11:40 AM