10/23/08 — Never too early: BRAC is not ever going to go away completely

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Never too early: BRAC is not ever going to go away completely

It might seem like a very long time ago that Wayne County held its breath as it waited for the results of the Base Closure and Realignment Commission.

It is hard to remember all the hard work that went into making sure the government officials in charge of the inquiry understood that Seymour Johnson Air Force Base was a keeper.

Many of us might have thought it was over -- for good -- when the news came that this base had gained, not lost. We might have thought BRAC was no longer a worry for us.

Not so.

Keeping Seymour Johnson AFB open requires more than just a mad rush every few years -- or every time some new politician decides the best way to balance the budget is to cut the military.

And there could be a whole new crop of those politicians this fall depending on the results of the election.

So, that means that planning ahead is critical -- especially if we want to keep this base and the community that surrounds it strong.

Seymour Johnson is a critical component of this county's economy -- and of its future. Without constant vigilance concerning the factors that will keep it here -- infrastructure, livability, education -- this county could find itself in real trouble during future BRAC discussions.

It is definitely worth the investment now to prevent a real serious loss later.

Published in Editorials on October 23, 2008 11:12 AM