11/03/08 — Moving forward: County, schools seem to have put progress first

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Moving forward: County, schools seem to have put progress first

The economy might be a little shaky, and they might not know exactly how they are going to do it, but the Wayne County commissioners and the county's school board are moving forward with plans to attack a lingering problem with the district's facilities.

And that, considering the multiplicity of reasons for hesitation and putting a decision off again, is a good thing.

What will eventually happen with regard to improving facilities in Wayne County is still up in the air. It would not be responsible for it to be any other way considering the uncertainty of the credit markets.

But to see so many county officials committed to getting the projects on the road and so many school officials keeping a sharp eye on budgets and responsible spending are signs that perhaps this county has turned a corner when it comes to getting its priorities firmly in place.

Over the next few months, local residents are going to be asked what they think about the next step for the schools and how to fund that step. That is the time to make sure someone knows where you want your money spent.

It will be up to this next set of leaders to determine where best to put the money and how to get the funding in the first place.

To hear that they are all determined to make something happen this time bodes well not only for the future of the county's schools, but for Wayne County's economic development possibilities as well.

Published in Editorials on November 3, 2008 10:31 AM