12/07/08 — Call Campaign: Tell the ACLU how you really feel about 'Happy Holidays'

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Call Campaign: Tell the ACLU how you really feel about 'Happy Holidays'

Tired of hearing people say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas?"
Completely puzzled as to why we need to offer equal time to atheists at Christmas if we want to place a nativity scene in a government building -- or, God forbid, in a school?

Wondering why so many activists expend so much energy attacking "Merry Christmas" when there are so many much better fights they could be fighting?

About ready to boycott any store that has "Happy Holidays" on a banner across its storefront -- just to prove a point about how profitable it is to be politically correct and just how many Christians there are out there?

Then we have a fun little Christmas activity for you.

Send the American Civil Liberties Union a Christmas card. The address is ACLU, 125 Broad St., 18th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10004.

Imagine the pile of envelopes that venerable group of malcontents would have to open if everyone who is tired of having Christmas homogenized sent a card -- preferably with a nativity scene or Bible verse inside.

This is not the first call for this sort of a movement. It has been around the Internet for a few years -- and even labeled as a pointless exercise since the ACLU has said it is not against Christmas -- just the religious expression of it.

But after all, isn't that the point?

It seems that there are simply too many people these days with too little to do -- and obviously too much money on their hands.
The ridiculous decisions that have been made in connection with the "Merry Christmas" debate are simply nuts.

This country has celebrated Christmas for centuries -- with the religious connotation front and center. There are nativity plays and church services all over this country -- and the carols we sing are even connected directly to the Christmas story.

No one asks that those who do not believe participate, but that does not mean that those of us who do should be asked to give up traditions that have been in our families for generations.

So, if you don't want to be wished a Merry Christmas, wear a pin, and stay away from any celebration that centers around the nativity -- or simply come and learn a little bit about how others mark the holiday.

Most of these events are brain-washing free.

And, better yet, don't worry about the reason for the celebration, attend it simply to support the real spirit behind Christmas -- the joy, compassion and brotherhood of people around the world. We will welcome you in -- no matter what you believe -- as long as your heart is in the right place -- and you don't even have to sing. And if the ACLU wants something to do, perhaps there is some other place where there is real discrimination and real wrongs they could dedicate themselves to righting.

Then more people might send envelopes with donations in them.

Published in Editorials on December 7, 2008 10:08 AM