12/19/08 — Park plans: Community-based project not such a bad idea

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Park plans: Community-based project not such a bad idea

The facts are that Goldsboro residents see no real need for another park or for spending more than $1 million to create one -- not now, especially.

So the fact that the Stoney Creek Alliance is considering cutting back on its plans and looking for a more community-based effort to create a few of the better ideas that came forth from months of planning is intriguing.

The Alliance seems to be moving toward scaling down its project and tackling bits and pieces -- through the support of local donors and volunteers.

And, hey, that's not such a bad idea.

One of the better proposals in the Stoney Creek Park plan is the dog park -- a place for local residents to bring their pets for a bit of romping in a safe environment.

Such a project, with proper planning and advance decisions on such items as maintenance, cleanup and security, might be worth considering as something to add that is not already available through the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

And operating a few hiking trails, especially near Stoney Creek, is also an idea with some merit.

So perhaps this could be a first, tentative step forward -- a chance to think about a use for the area that is not so expensive and that could add something this community does not already have.

There are still some roadblocks to tackle. The potential park neighbors have a right to want answers to questions such as security, noise control and maintenance -- and taxpayers need to be sure this is not going to become a budget albatross. But if the homework is done and the answers are satisfactory, there really could be a potential for not such a grand project, but a more practical and useful one.

And that makes it worth continuing to talk about.

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