01/30/09 — Vote watch: Promises for some will be made to be broken

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Vote watch: Promises for some will be made to be broken

This is definitely the year to keep an eye on who votes for and against what and how they explain away their deviation from the lofty ideals they spouted to get elected.

And it looks like the first winner of the do what my party tells me and not what is in the best interest of my state is the newly anointed member of the U.S. Senate Kay Hagan.

Sen. Hagan just voted for a bill that would add a dollar to the federal cigarette tax to pay for increased child health programs. And after voting, she scolded those around her, promising not to be willing to file too many more votes like that one.

Uh huh, right.

The reason that there is a problem with Sen. Hagan's vote is not that it was for child health care -- although another bunch of money dumped into a bureaucracy without any real plans for its use is not thrilling to those of us who pay the bills.

The problem is the speed at which she sold out what is still a big part of the North Carolina economy -- without trying to make a stand that accomplished the same thing but represented her state's best interest.

And then she proceeded to try to act like she did not vote along party lines and she really was a watchdog for North Carolina.

She is one who bears watching.

This is a year when the rubber must meet the road -- and promises made must be reflected not just in speeches, but in sane, rational and prudent decisions that protect the interests of North Carolinians.

No excuses allowed.

Published in Editorials on January 30, 2009 10:28 AM